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POSTED: 18th Sep, 2018

New Rams

Well it's that time of year again and Bez has been up to the Kelso Ram Sale. This time he went up on his own, his first night away without me since we got married 29 years ago!! Anyway he was as enthusiastic as ever and came back with 8 Texel Tups and 1 Blue Faced Leicester.

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POSTED: 4th Jul, 2017

Soay Sheep

 These very cute Soay sheep have turned up on our farm out of the blue! They don't have any tags in so it's not possiblle to trace them. We have reported them to the police but no one has reported any missing so looks like they're here to stay.

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POSTED: 16th May, 2019

Peat Bog

 Yesterday was very exciting as we watched a helicopter bringing in loads of stone to refill drainage channels on the moor that we farm. The idea being that this will stop the peat bog drying out and this in turn will lock up more carbon in the peat and thus reduce the amount in the atmosphere...... Read More


POSTED: 7th Mar, 2016

Derwent Dams

 Bez and I had a lovely walk the other day up to the Derwent Dam. The wind was blowing the water over the top and lots of rainbows were being formed which was beautiful to watch. As many of you will know it is reknown for being the place that the Dam Buster Squadron trained for the dam busting..... Read More


POSTED: 6th May, 2015


 Well it's lambing time again here at Stoop. We seem to be having lots of triplets this year which isn't as good as it might seem as very few sheep are able to rear three lambs, however it does mean that Bez has got some spare lambs to adopt on to sheep that have lost a lamb. The weather is very..... Read More


POSTED: 31st Jan, 2014


We continue to have our dry stone walls rebuilt. Nigel, our walling man has completed 150m in 2013 for us and will continue to do a similar amount this coming year. As you can see from the photo it isn't for the faint hearted at this time of year. The walling stone has to be covered up if there's a risk..... Read More


POSTED: 30th Nov, 2013


 Bez has decided to lamb a little later than usual next year so he has only just turned the tups out with the main lot of ewes. This is one of the Texels he bought from Kelso in September. All being well we will start lambing on the 24th April, fingers crossed for lots of lovely sunny weather at..... Read More


POSTED: 15th Sep, 2013

Kelso tup sale

On Friday we were up at the annual Kelso tup sale as we have been for the last 20 or more years. Bez had a good day buying 7 Texels to put on his mule ewes and 2 Blue Faced Leicesters to put on his Swaledale ewes. They are now safely back home and all getting along happily which is a relief as they can..... Read More




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